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Automatic hair band making machine, terry knits, applies nylon 70D/2, polyester 150D/1 with elastic or spandex.

Take your hair accessory business to new heights with our fast and reliable production equipment.

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General Applications For Hair Band Making Machine

The hair band manufacturing machine can produce many different tpye hair band, like elastic hair ties, cotton terry hair band, jacquard hair band, black hair band, hair donut, hair tie and so on.

General Hot Selling Products

Different hairband patterns come from different machine, like Jacquard Hairband Knitting Machine, Stripe Hair Band Making Machine, High Terry Hairband Making Machine, Hair Donut Making Machine and son on.

Jacquard Elastic Hair Band Making Machine

Jacquard hair band knitting machin is fully computerized, terry knits, applies nylon 70D/2, polyester 150D/1 with elastic or spandex to knit hair band in different designs.

Stripes Elastic Hair Band Knitting Machine

Stripes hair band knitting machine is fully computerized, terry knits, applies nylon 70D/2, polyester 150D/1 with elastic or spandex to knit hair band in stripes in tubing.

New Design Hairband Knitting Machine

This NEW hair band knitting machine is fully computerized, terry knits, applies nylon 70D/2, polyester 150D/1 with elastic or spandex to knit hair band in 9 colors.

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Process of Batch Production For Hairband Making Machine

The process of building a machine involves several steps, including material preparation, assembly, machine debugging, and packaging. 

The Trade Process Flow & Duration Estimation
In this section, you can learn about the stages involved in finding a supplier and receiving your goods, as well as how long each stage typically takes.

Step 1: Searching (1-3 days)

You can search supplier on computer or phone, through, trade shows or exhibitions, or through recommendations from other businesses.

Step 2: Negotiation (3-7 days)

Once you have identified potential suppliers, you need to communicate with them to negotiate terms such as price, quantity, delivery time, and payment method. This may involve multiple rounds of negotiations until both parties agree on the terms.

Step 3: Sampling (7-14 days)

Before placing a large order, it’s important to request samples from the supplier to ensure that the product meets your expectations in terms of quality and design. You may need to pay for the samples or negotiate with the supplier to provide them for free.

Step 4: Pay The Bill (within 1 day)

Once you have agreed on the terms with the supplier and received samples, you need to make a payment to confirm the order. This can be done through a bank transfer, letter of credit, or other payment methods agreed upon by both parties.

Step 5: Bulk Manufacturing (30-45 days)

After receiving the payment, the supplier will start producing the goods according to the agreed-upon specifications. This process may take several weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the product and the quantity ordered.

Step 6: Shipping (10-45 days)

Once the goods are ready, they will be shipped to your location according to the agreed-upon delivery terms. You can choose delivery it by sea, by air, by land. The delivery time depends on your location and the ways you choose.

Step 7: Receiving (10-15 days)

When the goods arrive, you should inspect them to ensure that they meet the agreed-upon specifications and are in good condition. If there are any defects or issues, you need to communicate with the supplier to resolve them.

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The Basic Knowledge About Hairband Making Machine

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The oiler is developed to add oil automatically and no need to utilize air compressor anymore. It is better to add the oil every half hour, each time add oil in 2-3 seconds.

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We hope these tips and resources have been helpful in maintaining and troubleshooting your hair band knitting machine. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for assistance. Remember, proper maintenance is key to ensuring your machines continue to operate efficiently and effectively for years to come.

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  2. Soonest Delivery: All the machines are newly produced, there is no stock. Delivery time is 25-30 days after receiving deposit.
  3. After Service: Both overseas and online after service supports are available as per order quantity.
  4. Customization: The machines are non-standard product, they are custom-made models.
The FAQs About Hairband Manufacturing Machine

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get from customers, if there are more issues please just contact us.

Material is nylon yarn 70D/2 plus the spandex yarn 140 or 210D.

If 3cm per pieces, then you can get 120-180 pcs per hour.

Need a cutting machine, please see enclosed price sheet. Its operation video can be sent by whatsapp or wechat.

The percentage of nylon yarn and spandex yarn would be 40-50% - 60-50% as per the thickness / weight of the hair band. For example, machine #5, the hair band is in 8.2cm wide, 2.8cm long, weighs 2 grams, let’s assume the percentage is 45% nylon yarn, 55% spandex yarn. Not considering yarn wastage, 1 kg yarn will produce 1000 grams / 2 grams = 500 pcs hair bands, the length is 500 x 2.8 cm = 85 meters. 1 kg yarn is used 0.45 kg nylon yarn and 0.55 kg spandex yarn. #5 machine can produce 85 meters long in 1.88-2.4 hours.

Our machines are cost $2,000-$8,000 per set, please feel free to contact us.
It will cost 25-30 days after receiving the deposit.

1 year from the date of Bill of loading issued.

Yes, those spare parts will be provided. Each machine can be presented 100 pcs dial neddles / 50 pcs sinkers.

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