What can be packed in the meat stockinette?

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    What is the meat stockinette applications?

    The meat stockinette packs the animals’ carcasses and protects them during different transportations. It applies in the food industry, especially the meat industry. The packing work is usually done by manual labor workers.

    who use their hands to wind a wrapping material around an animal’s body or limbs.

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    Which type of machine can produce the meat stockinette?

    The meat stockinette knitting machine produces the tubular stockinette fabric. It looks like a roll made from knitted fabric. It is also called “mutton cloth” because its shape resembles woolen stockings.

    •This machine applies pure cotton to knit tube bags, medical bandages or stockinettes.

    It adopts a transducer to adjust cylinder running speed then regulate knitting rate.

    •The machine has a slow-start function which also can change knitting speed at random.

    It is not only helping the new machine grind in but also conducive to observe the machine running conditions and product quality situation.

    •It is equipped with positive yarn feeder, which can make the feeding speed more smooth,

    decrease the rate of yarn-breaking and defective index.

    •It also can guarantee the quality of the products at the same time. Key spare parts like cylinder and inner sinker are made from good steel, reliable and endurable.

    The mutton cloth packs animal carcasses, such as mutton, pork, beef, goat, sheep, etc. It is used to pack the whole animal or any part of it. The meat stockinette can stretch to a demand width to pack them without wasting any space.

    What raw materials are used to make meat stockinette roll?

    Generally, the raw material making mutton cloth is cotton yarn. Common sizes are 6S to 10S, or tex 58 to tex 100. You can choose new cotton yarn or use regenerated cotton yarn to save the production cost. But regenerated cotton yarn is not as good as new one. So the meat stockinette also calls “cotton stockinette” or ” cotton mesh bag”.

    How to choose the new cotton yarn or regenerated cotton yarn?

    Whether it is new cotton yarn or regenerated one, it depends on your product quality.

    How does the stockinette knitting machine work?

    The meat stockinette knitting machine uses needles and a cylinder bed in a circular motion. The machine is with a computer system. It is not difficult to operate. Here is the machine link for you to get more details. https://knitmill.com/mutton-cloth-knitting-machine/

    If you want to pack an animal with a mutton cloth, the head section wrap in cotton yarn. The limbs are then wrapped into one after another according to their sizes.

    The next step is sealing them at both ends, you can use a string to tighten them. The meat stockinette keeps the meat in an enclosed space. It can avoid dust intrusion.

    How to pack the meat carcass by stockinette roll?

    In short, the meat stockinette is an important tool that can uses to pack animals. The mutton cloth rolls are a good choice for the meat industry.

    There are 4 steps to pack the meat carcass.

    1. The first step is preparing the meat carcass.
    2. The second step is to cut a certain length of the meat stockinette fabric. Please pay attention to make sure it can cover the whole part of the meat carcass
    3. The next step is to lift the meat carcass to put the seamless meat stockinette through it.
    4. The fourth step is to pull the redundant meat stockinette of both ends.
    5. The last step is to use a string to fix them and make a taut knot.

    What can be packed in the meat stockinette roll?

    They are mutton, pork, beef, goat, sheep, et. Mutton cloth rolls are a good choice for the meat industry. You also can make printed bags, print your labels to add advertising. It is environmental pollution and ensures food safety, it is recycled. This stockinette is liked by many customers from the meat industry. The customer purchase it to pack the smaller meat such as mutton, or larger carcasses such as beef.

    What are the ways to deliver the cotton stockinette?

    If you are in the same country of the cotton stockinette suppliers, it is delivered by truck or by courier. If you are not in the same country, it could load by ship, by air, or by land. You can sell it all over the world.

    You should be careful when using it. It is not used for vegetables and fruits, but only meat products. The rolled stockinette has its own uses. For example, you can make printed bags or print your tags on it. You also can pack up other things like garments.

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