How many machines do you need to produce Vegetable Mesh Bag?

Mesh bags are widely used in industries such as agriculture, food packaging, retail, and manufacturing. In agriculture, mesh bags are commonly used for packaging fruits, vegetables, and other produce, allowing air circulation to keep the contents fresh. In retail settings, mesh bags are popular for displaying products like toys, cosmetics, and clothing accessories, offering a […]

Mutton Cloth Knitting Machine Queries Resolved: A Buyer’s Insightful Q&A Guide

Mutton cloth, or Stockinette rolls is a type of single jersey fabric made on circular knitting machines. It is ideal for absorbing, softness, and wet strength, because of this, it is widely used for packing (lamb carcass), cleaning, washing, and polishing (car) in industry, workshops, garages and in the home. Here are some talking points […]

What is the Best Knitting Machine for Beginners?

Picture this: It’s a cozy winter evening, and you’ve just settled into your favorite armchair, a cup of hot tea in hand, ready to embark on a creative journey. The soft sound of knitting needles clicking together is music to your ears as you weave a warm scarf or craft a delicate baby blanket. But […]

Top 10 Circular Knitting Machine Manufacturers in China

China, a major hub for textile machinery, is home to several leading manufacturers of circular knitting machines. These machines, which produce seamless tubular fabrics, play an essential role in the global textile industry. If you’re looking to invest or purchase a circular knitting machine from China, here’s a list of the top 10 manufacturers to […]

How to Choose the Right Hair Band Making Machine

Hair bands are a popular accessory for people of all ages especially girls love wearing them. It can be worn in a variety of styles when the girl’s makeup. Whether you’re looking to create hair bands for your personal use or start a business selling them, choosing the right hair band making machine is crucial […]

How to increase productivity with your circular knitting machine

However, to get the best results from your knitting machines, it is essential to understand how to increase production without compromising the quality of the fabric. Circular knitting machines can make weft-knitted fabric structures (warp knit), they are a popular choice for producing knitted fabrics, especially in the apparel industry. In this article, we will […]

Which one do you prefer, mesh bag or leno bag?

What is the mesh bag? The mesh bag can pack different small items or big items, such as potatoes, onions, or kinds of fruits such as apples, pears. Mesh bags are made of round HDPE monofilament yarn, so they allow air and moisture in and out freely for your fruits’ storage needs. To store potatoes […]

What can be packed in the meat stockinette?

What is the meat stockinette applications? The meat stockinette packs the animals’ carcasses and protects them during different transportations. It applies in the food industry, especially the meat industry. The packing work is usually done by manual labor workers. who use their hands to wind a wrapping material around an animal’s body or limbs. Image from: […]

HDPE Monofilament Mesh Bag

Round HDPE monofilament mesh net bag is widely used in packaging industry, especially for various of fruits (such as apples, oranges, pears, grapefruits etc) and vegetables (such as garlic, onion, tomatoes, potatoes etc), also applies to pack other products such as firewood, flower bulbs, shellfish seafood, Crops and much more. There is another type of […]

Circular knitting Machine

Circular knitting or knitting in the round is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. Work in the round is begun by casting on stitches as for flat knitting but then joining the ends of that row of stitches to form a circle. Knitting is worked in rounds (the equivalent of the rows […]