Mutton Cloth Knitting Machine Queries Resolved: A Buyer’s Insightful Q&A Guide

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    Mutton cloth, or Stockinette rolls is a type of single jersey fabric made on circular knitting machines. It is ideal for absorbing, softness, and wet strength, because of this, it is widely used for packing (lamb carcass), cleaning, washing, and polishing (car) in industry, workshops, garages and in the home.

    Here are some talking points between customers and Qianxing Machinery.

    Q1. How many meters per hour can the mutton cloth / stockinette knitting machine make?

    A. if run the machine at speed 46-50, you can get 10 kgs per hour, if 1-meter weighs 57 grams, you can get 175 meters per hour.

    Q2. How much thread do you need to produce 1kg of Mutton cloth.

    A. basically 1 kg yarn can make 1 kg of mutton cloth if not considering wastage, the wastage would be 3-5%, the capacity is related to the fabric density.

    Q3. Does it roll on its own?

    A. yes, rolled on its own, there options common cloth rolls stand, or bicycle mechanism system cloth roll stands.

    Q4. Is this single phase or 3 phase?

    A. it can be set as single phase or 3 phase, up to your demand.

    Q5. How much is the cotton yarn per kg?

    A. around USD 4500.00 per ton for new yarn, recycle yarn will be cheaper, around USD 2000 per ton.

    Q6. What are the regular sizes of mutton cloth made by?

    A. The sizes are different by different machines and customer requirements, it can be talked about in kgs per roll or sizes, such as 250g mutton cloth, 10kg roll, 30kg roll, or 12” width, 15cm width, 30cm, 40cm wide etc.

    Q7. What are the applications of the stockinette / mutton cloth?

    A. General purpose cleaning such as load lamb carcass, car polishing, machine sweeping, etc.

    Q8. Have you sold to Zimbabwe?

    A. Yes, more than 50 sets of the machine were exported to Zimbabwe. 

    Recently there are 5 orders will be delivered to Harare.

    Q9. How many days to produce Mutton cloth machine?

    A. In 30 days after receiving down payment.

    Q10. What are your payment terms if I need 2 machines?

    A. by T/T with 30% deposit and balance before the balance.

    Q11. Do you have your forwarder you use?

    A. yes, we have cooperated forwarder help us to arrange the shipment to HARARE, first to Durban by sea, then to Harare by truck, the whole transportation time will cost around 55 days.

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