mutton cloth circular knitting machine

Mutton cloth circular knitting machine knits mutton cloth by 100% cotton. The machine is fully computerized. The machine can knit stockinette fabric in 90-95 meters per hour.

plastic scourer pad knitting machine

Plastic scourer pad knitting machine is producing plastic scourer by plastic yarn and polyester yarn, the fabric is with loops. The machine is fully computerized with 4 feeders.

9 Colors Hair Band Knitting Machine

9 colors hair band knitting machine is fully computerized, terry knits, applies nylon 70D/2, polyester 150D/1 with elastic or spandex .

Rib Cuff Circular Knitting Machine

Rib cuff circular knitting machine applies pure cotton , acrylic, CVC to manufacture circular and seamless rib cuff in full-cardigan with 1×1 or 2×2 rib.

date palm tree mesh bag knitting machine

Date palm tree mesh bag knitting machine is operated by computer, applies round HDPE or LDPE monofilament yarn widely used to keep birds and insects away.

High speed rib collar knitting machine

High speed rib collar circular knitting machine applies cotton, polyester or T/C to produce rib collar, which is used on the different gowns and collar.

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