Mesh Bag Knitting Machine


Onion Bag Making Machine

Onion bag making machine is fully computerized, single knits, applies 21S to 32S cotton or polyester to produce tube bag, widely applied to pack kinds of frozen meat.

date palm tree mesh bag knitting machine

Date palm tree mesh bag knitting machine is operated by computer, applies round HDPE or LDPE monofilament yarn to produce tubular dates mesh bag, widely used to protect dates before harvest, to keep birds and insects away.

hdpe mesh bag manufacturing machine

HDPE mesh bag manufacturing machine manufactures seamless HDPE mesh bag. The machine is fully computerized with higher capacity, easier to operate.

mesh bag circular knitting machine

Mesh bag circular knitting machine knits mesh bag in rolls. The machine is developed to apply new customized cams with dials. It can adjust the fabric density easier and more accurate.

Net bag knitting machine

Net bag knitting machine belongs to single knits, applies round HDPE monofilament to manufacture tubing net bag, widely applied to pack vegetables or fruits.

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