HDPE Monofilament Mesh Bag

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    1. Applications of HDPE Mesh Bag

    Round HDPE monofilament mesh net bag is widely used in packaging industry, especially for various of fruits (such as apples, oranges, pears, grapefruits etc) and vegetables (such as garlic, onion, tomatoes, potatoes etc), also applies to pack other products such as firewood, flower bulbs, shellfish seafood, Crops and much more.

    There is another type of mesh bag called date palm mesh bag, it is open at both ends. This type mesh bag is used to protect date palm when it is mature, so that the insects or birds can not eat them. This is greatly helpful for farmer to get a higher yield date palm.

    Both 2 types mesh bags are made from 100% new round high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarn. The round yarn is very tough and tensile, not easily broken. This ensures the mesh bags stronger and longer life than other net bags.

    2. Production line of HDPE Mesh Bags

    The production lines of HDPE mesh bags are simple, total is 5 steps.

    2-1. Knitting

    Before knitting, you need to prepare the materials. There are 2 ways to finish it, one is to buy the HDPE monofilament yarn directly, the other is to produce it by yourselves. You need to buy round HDPE monofilament extruder.

    When you get the materials, you will use mesh bag knitting machine to knit the tubular mesh bag fabric in rolls.

    Our company has 8 types of tube mesh bag knitting machine from 7” to 22”. Also, the machine can be customized. The mesh bag width can be from 10cm-110cm after shaping.

    2-2. Shaping

    After knitting, the tubular mesh bag is in rolls. It is easier to proceed second step-shaping. Put the shaping shelf into the mesh bag rolls and set them on the shaping machine. The mesh bag shaping machine will shape the mesh bag rolls automatically. After shaping, the mesh bag is still in rolls, the difference is the width increased to the demand width. For example, the fabric is 20cm wide after knitting, it will be 30cm after shaping. The shaping machine is used to stretch the fabric width to the need.

    2-3. Cutting and Sewing the Bottom

    The third step is to cut the tubular mesh bag into pieces while sews the bottom end. It helps to save a lot of labor.

    2-4. Sewing the open end

    The cutting and sewing machine only can sew the bottom automatically, the up end (open end) needs to be sewed by hand.

    2-5. Packing and compressing

    After sewing, the five step is packing the mesh bags into woven bags and then compress it. This will save much space.

    We are not only manufacturer of mesh bag knitting machine, we also are factory of mesh bag in China. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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