Exploring Stainless Steel Scrubber Knitting Machines: FAQs Answered

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    Are you intrigued by the world of stainless steel scrubber knitting machines? Dive deeper into understanding these versatile machines with answers to some commonly asked questions. Let’s explore:

    1. What Determines Fabric Width?

    Head diameter plays a crucial role. For instance, with a 95mm head and 108 needles, expect an 8.5cm width, while the same head with 120 needles widens it to 9cm.

    2. Can Head Sizes be Interchanged?

    No, it’s advisable to maintain consistency in head diameter. While a 95mm head with 108 needles can’t be replaced with a 102mm head, spare heads are available for seamless transition between needle quantities.

    3. Are Seal and Cut Machines Available Separately?

    Absolutely! Choose from semi-auto seal machines at $4200 per set or cutting machines at $600 per set (excluding table). Witness their functionality via WhatsApp videos for a clearer understanding.

    4. Determining Woven Steel Length:

    Irrespective of the ready goods’ total length (e.g., 13cm or 14cm), the woven steel remains constant at 10cm. Customize as per your requirements.

    5. Yarn and Steel Proportions:

    Typically, a blend of 70% steel and 30% polyester yarn is used, although ratios can vary based on preference (e.g., 60-40 or 50-50). Ordering equal amounts of yarn and stainless steel is feasible, with common ratios being 70-30 or 60-40.

    6. Apportioning Costs in Container Orders:

    While partial apportionment of yarn costs to machines is possible, complete allocation isn’t feasible due to customs clearance requirements during export. Typically, around 50% to 60% of yarn costs can be transferred to machine expenses.

    7. Machine Versatility for Different Fabrics:

    Stainless steel scrubber knitting machines are specialized for their intended purpose and can’t be repurposed for weaving muslin cloth solely by changing the head. Each fabric type requires specific machinery.

    8. Production Timeframes:

    The production duration varies based on order quantity, typically averaging around 30 days upon deposit receipt. To streamline the process, understanding your required daily or monthly output is crucial.

    In conclusion, stainless steel scrubber knitting machines offer a realm of possibilities, from fabric width customization to understanding material proportions and production timelines. For further inquiries or to witness our machines in action, feel free to reach out. Join us in exploring the dynamic world of fabric production with precision and efficiency!

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